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Our Pizza Trailer Schedule 
Where to Find Us Next

December 2022

(Schedule is Subject to Change--Please Check Back Frequently)

Revised 12/1/22

Next Pop-Up on the Pizza Trailer Tentatively Set for Tuesday, 12/27 at Tractor Supply in Many in Front of Parking Lot

Here's the tentative menu for our next pop-up on the pizza trailer

  • ​Large pizzas only: 

    • Sarah Cheese

    • Patrick Alfredo and Cheese

    • Louie Pepperoni

    • Rose Meatball (with house-made meatballs)

    • Anthony Italian Sausage (with real Italian Sausage)

    • Trey Trio (red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, house meatballs, & banana peppers)

    • Aldenator Meat Lovers (red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, house meatballs, Italian sausage)

    • Mel Boudin (Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, boudin, jalapeno's, and pepper jack cheese

    • Donna PrimaDonna (red sauce, mozz cheese, sliced fresh onions and bell peppers)

    • And some add-on toppings listed below if you want to customize your pizza.

  • Add-on Toppings available:  Purple onions, black olives,  jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, fresh mushrooms, garlic, pepperoni, Italian sausage, house meatballs (see full-list of options on our e-commerce site when it is open for orders)

  • Michele's Famous Home-made Cinnamon Rolls (24 - limited supply)

  • SOLD OUT - Small Pizza only with Prep Cakes Low-Carb Crust (about 2 net carbs per crust and also keto-friendly).  Add $3.75 to the price of any small pizza on our main menu (see add-on toppings below and on our e-commerce site) to cover our cost to purchase these specialty crusts.


Pizza Kits on the Bend - Find out how you can have your own pizza party in a box and show your friends and family how to rock your pizza-making skills like a rock star.  Go to our new website page of Pizza Kits on the Bend to find out more!  Future Dates of Delivery to be Announced!

You can also view our upcoming ministry events at: or by clicking on the link below.

PLEASE NOTE:  At times, we will only be able to operate with prepaid, preorders  taken via our online store due to a shortage of help on the trailer.  If a sell date is prepay, preorder only, we will open our online preorder store prior to selling.  You will be able to view the menu for our next upcoming date by going to our E-commerce website page link below where you can place your order and prepay by credit card.  We will then text you to schedule your pick-up time. (the online store may show "The store is closed for maintenance" if we are not open right now)

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